Moraz Sage

One of the Most Popular Medicinal Herbs in History

Common Sage (also known as Salvia Officinalis) is one of the most popular herbs that has been used in medical and spiritual practices for hundreds and thousands of years. Salvia, which comes from the Latin word slavare, which means to save or heal has had widespread uses from battlefields to kitchens, monasteries, and everything in between. 

Historically, Sage has been used as a healing treatment on battlefields in Europe since ancient times because Sage, among other herbs, was found to be incredibly useful to stop bleeding in minor wounds. In spiritual practices, Sage has been used for aromatic therapies for cleansing people and spaces.

Moraz Sage

The Benefits of Common Sage

Common Sage is renowned for its stimulating, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. There is a reason that such a small herb has maintained its significance as a healing herb for topical, medicinal, and even dietary purposes. 

When Sage is used for cosmetics and in skincare products, it is most commonly used as Sage oil. Sage oil is extracted from the leaves of the Salvia herb by steaming the Sage leaves through a process that is similar to that of a distillery. 

While there are a few different types of Sage, the most common Sage oil used for topical purposes is Salvia Officinalis. Other common Sages that are used for medicinal purposes include Salvia Sclarea commonly referred to as Clary Sage. Though Clary Sage is not used in topical treatments, it also poses many medicinal properties. 

When Used Cosmetically:

When used as a topical treatment, common Sage has been shown to effectively treat skin irritation, small abrasions, as well as helping minimize the appearance of skin blemishes;  stretch marks, redness from swelling, and irritated sores. Sage is reputed because of the moisturizing properties that make it a wonderful ingredient in body lotions, hair care products, and even herbal creams. 

Sage is a soothing ingredient that is used in a variety of Moraz products from herbal ointments to oils. Its strong aroma and its antioxidant properties make it a staple in the skincare industry.