Shea Butter

Moraz Shea Butter

Origins of Shea Butter

Shea Butter is a fat that is extracted from African Shea tree nuts. The Shea trees naturally thrive in the hot and dry climates of the West African savanna belt from Sudan to Senegal. Shea Butter has been extracted and used in cosmetics for therapeutic skincare lotions for hundreds of years. Some of the earliest evidence of Shea Butter production goes back to the 14th century in the village of Saouga.

How is Shea Butter Extracted?

Shea Butter is extracted from Shea Trees in a variety of ways: refined, raw, and cold-pressed. Each of these ways to extract Shea Butter is perfectly clean and void of any chemicals in order to give you the cleanest skincare products. In its most natural form, the Shea nuts are grilled before being pounded into a powder and boiled. After this process, the naturally occurring oils from the Shea nut rise to the top and are then used to create incredibly moisturizing and nutrient-dense lotion.

Shea Butter in Skin Care

Shea Butter has a creamy consistency that is easy to rub into your skin. Shea Butter has a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins that make Shea Butter an ideal ingredient when it comes to cosmetics. Because of these fatty acids, Shea Butter works miracles that soften your skin. Shea Butter also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness and swelling which will improve your skin’s health whether it is on your body or face.

Best Properties for You!

Shea Butter can help heal skin damage caused by wounds and scratches and reduce inflammation and swelling of the skin. Shea Butter has a compound called lupeol cinnamate which is found to reduce skin inflammation.

Moraz Shea Butter

Emollient Properties

Shea Butter has emollient properties that have a quality that smooths and softens the skin. Naturally, Shea Butter is similar to creams like Cocoa Butter and other emollients. Shea Butter is commonly used for the treatment of dry skin and other skin conditions. Since Shea Butter is a naturally fatty extract, it helps replenish the skin and is often considered the first line of defense in treating skin conditions.

Anti-Aging Properties

Shea Butter is a natural anti-aging remedy that is used to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation that usually appears after the age of 30. This is possible because Shea Butter moisturizes and hydrates the skin, allowing it to maintain its elasticity and bounce back.