Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and neutralize the effect of free radicals in our bodies. This anti-aging fruit has plant-compounds that help stimulate the keratinocyte cells and help cellular regeneration. This keeps your skin free of skin cells and helps curb sagging. Pomegranates are the perfect ingredients for keeping your skin wrinkle-free and looking as young as ever. At Moraz Galilee Medical Herbs, we use only the best ingredients in our topical creams like pomegranates.

Pomegranates for Dry Skin

Pomegranates are a rich source of Vitamin C which has been proven by research to effectively treat dull and dry skin. When applied regularly and consistently, the extract from pomegranates can reduce roughness and smooth the textures on your skin such as wrinkles and lines. Pomegranates are incredibly hydrating and it’s no surprise when you consider that they are over eighty-percent water.

Pomegranates for Skin Hydration

When compared to other sources of nutrient-rich extracts, such as green tea to name one, pomegranates are significantly better at replenishing dry and dull skin. This fantastic source of Vitamin C also decreases the likelihood of rough skin when applied topically through the use of Moraz Galilee Medical Herbs cosmetics. Pomegranate seed oils are also great for promoting cell regeneration and epidermis regeneration.

Pomegranates for Sun Damaged Skin

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause serious damage to your skin, both aesthetically and physically. The sun’s harmful UV rays can not only tan your skin but cause it to burn which is harmful. When your skin burns, it oxidizes and causes skin blemishes like age spots and wrinkles. Pomegranates protect you from these skin cells and oxidative damage with the polyphenols extracted from the pomegranates.

Overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays and general air pollution can cause your skin to experience oxidative damage which damages skin cells and increases the risk of developing visible skin blemishes like wrinkles, age spots, sunburns, and in some cases even cancer.

Luckily, there are plenty of antioxidants found in pomegranates like polyphenols that help protect our cells from oxidative stress. At Moraz Galilee Medical Herbs, our pomegranate-extract based products have been found to play a vital role in repairing skin damage from the sun.

Pomegranates are also great for stimulating collagen production, which our skin loses naturally over time. Decreased collagen causes the skin to sag and loses firmness as we age. Pomegranates enable this regeneration because they are rich with ellagic acid and antioxidants.