Moraz Achillea

Achillea extract, also known as Yarrow extract, is an extract of the flowers of the Achillea plant that is used in everything from skin cleansing products to hair, body, and hand products. Achillea extract is added to products in order to enhance the appearance of dry and damaged skin. The extract is excellent at reducing flaky skin and other conditions that are rooted in dryness.

Achillea is known to calm, nourish, and soothe dry and irritated skin to leave you feeling refreshed, and fortified. Achillea restores the skin’s pH balance for optimal moisture levels for gentle and effective cleansing. This incredible flower helps support the renewal of skin cells, strengthens the natural protective process. Achillea balances and protects sensitive skin which leaves your skin smooth, toned, and refreshed.

Achillea for Healing Skin

Achillea, also commonly known as Yarrow, is a flower that has been used for its healing properties since the days of Ancient Greece. Achillea is named after the Hero Achilles who’s soldiers would rub Yarrow in their wounds to help them heal quickly. This gave Achillea the nicknames allheal and bloodwort.

Achillea extract is still used as an herbal remedy in many cultures and has been proven to help promote the healing of open wounds and cleanse. Because of the legendary healing abilities that are associated with Achillea, the extract from the flower is included in herbal medicine and in Moraz Medical Herbs skin care products.

Today, Achillea is used to care for skin that is prone to oil and blemishes that are caused by dryness.

Moraz Achillea

Facial Cleansing

At Moraz Medical Herbs, we use Achillea in our Facial cleansing Gel and in other products in order to deliver deep cleansing for your skin, removing impurities and sebum control.

Achillea is an Incredible Ingredient that is:

  • Anti-allergenic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiseptic
  • Astringent (tightens skin)
  • Detoxifying

Additionally, it is believed in alternative medicine that adding Achillea to your skincare routine, intensifies the medicinal properties of other herbs that it is taken with. At Moraz Medical Herbs, we combine the healing properties of the Achillea Extract with Chamomile in order to create premium shower gels and facial cleansers

For Tighter Skin

Like the anti-inflammatory properties of the Achillea extract, the astringent properties of Achillea work throughout the body to tighten tissue and skin. This makes Achillea very useful in order to firm up areas of sagging and wrinkled skin. Astringent oils such as Achillea are beneficial as face washes for excessively oily skin and acne.