Legend has it, there once was a little girl who lived in Jezreel Valley. The girl loved climbing trees, playing with animals and running barefoot in the open fields. A girl like this, one might imagine, would come back home beaming and smiling but also bruised and scratched from the thorn and splinters she encountered along her way.

And while she was wandering the girl discovered a beautiful, wild field in which she enjoyed playing, and, lo and behold, her bruises and scratches started to heal on their own. Her father, who witnessed the miracle happening before his very eyes, went with his daughter to the field and found that it was a field of wild Polygonum…

To our delight, the father of the little girl was none other than Eliyahu Yahel, a known botanist who discovered the wonderous properties of the Polygonum plant and the founder of Moraz Medical Herbs. Today, with the little girl already a grown woman, millions of people around the world enjoy the therapeutic and healing benefits of the Polygonum plant. All thanks to that little girl and her father.

Moraz About Us

Moraz Medical Herbs is a global company specializing in the research, development, and production of herbal paramedical skin treatments and derma cosmetics. Based on unique production methods of medical herbs extraction – mainly sourced by the Polygonum, grown in the region in traditional methods – Moraz Medical Herbs has developed products that solve various skin conditions while protecting and nourishing the skin.

Moraz Medical Herbs products have been sold successfully for the past 30 years in Israel and around the world. Owing to the extensive research and vast knowledge acquired at Moraz Medical Herbs laboratories, the holistic qualities of herbal extracts were unveiled in innovative technology and products with a significantly high herbal concentrate were developed. All products went under safety assessment tests, guaranteeing the safety of Moraz Medical Herbs products for the entire family.

The efficacy of Moraz Medical Herbs products have been clinically tested and approved in Israel and abroad, as an ideal solution for an array of skin conditions.

Science + Nature

The Moraz + line combines carefully chosen herbs designed to restore your skin’s vitality, enhancing its ability to recover and maintain its elasticity. Each luxuriant Moraz + skincare product contains a powerful synergy of 1 + 1 herbal extracts in an advanced natural formula, enhancing their multiple benefits to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Unique Technology for Herbal Extraction

The development of Moraz + was based on a combination of scientific knowledge and traditional skincare techniques. The Moraz + product line is based on phytotherapy – herbal extract that uses the active ingredients found in plants to take care of your skin. Our unique herbal synergy formulae are based on highly effective concentrated plant extracts whose active ingredients have proven skin rejuvenating properties. These products are characterized by the qualities and attributes of the 1 + 1 herbs that they contain.

Daily use of Moraz + products over time will help to maintain healthy skin, protecting it from environmental damage and keeping it feeling fresh and supple.

MORAZ Face and Body Care Products

Moraz Medical Herbs is a global company specializing in the research, development, and production of highly effective skin treatments and cosmetics based on a range of healing plants. The unique Moraz Medical Herbs advantage lies in innovative methods for extracting especially high concentrations of the plant essences and utilizing their special qualities in each and every one of the products. Moraz Medical Herbs products have been tested and their efficacy is clinically approved. They are successfully sold in many countries around the world.

At Moraz Medical Herbs, we produce herbal body and facial scrubs that are made with only the finest herbal extracts from the best fruits and plants. Our herbal extracts are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that work wonders for your skin. The ability to soothe and nourish every skin type is at the heart of Moraz Medical Herbs products.

We use extracts from pomegranates, polygonum, chamomile, achillea, shea butter, bay laurel, jojoba oil, coconut oil, mugwort, myrtle, ashwagandha, american witchhazel, and more.