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Compliment your skin with our line
of cosmetic products designed to
take care of dry, itchy, red and bruised skin

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Cosmetic products based on high herbal extracts hydrate and nourish
the skin for softer, healthier skin.



Take care of stretch marks, blemishes,
and visible signs of pregnancy with
nutrient rich creams and lotions.

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Soft, beautiful skin starts with natural extracts
and nourishing ingredients that leave your skin looking
and feeling soft and radiant. No matter what your beauty goals are,
there’s a Moraz product for you.


Your Herbal Skin Saver !

Moraz Shower Gel


Chamomile and Achillea extract

Revitalize your skin with the Chamomile and Achillea Shower Gel. Made with concentrated Chamomile and Achillea extract, this gentle shower gel is the perfect addition to your skincare regimen. Chamomile and Achillea extract combine to nourish your skin and to soothe redness and irritation.


Facial Exfoliator

What’s better than Pomegranate and Polygonum? This enriched facial exfoliator from Moraz is the perfect way to scrub away impurities while nourishing your skin with vitamins and antioxidants that will leave your face radiant.
Contains sweet almond peeling powder.


A Nourishing Herbal Hand Cream

Our Polygonum Strong Hand Cream is made from only the cleanest and most natural ingredients: pomegranate and polygonum. Pomegranates are a great source of vitamin C which makes it a great ingredient for dry skin and skin hydration.


Polygonum Anti Stretch Mark Cream

Minimize unwanted stretch marks. With this cream that encourages the rejuvenation of skin tissues you will be able to sooth these marks until they are hardly felt and seen . Made with 100% herbal active ingredients, it is safe to use during and after pregnancy.

As someone who doesn’t have very oily hair,
I love that this product is able to make
my hair feel clean and smell great while keeping my hair hydrated.

Sarah – Herbal Shampoo

I love the Pomegranate Body Scrub.
I’m obsessed with anything related to Pomegranate!
It’s a gentle scrub that leaves your skin soft and clean. It smells incredible too!

Ryan – Polygonum Body Scrub

I love this product! This is my favorite facial cleanser for sure!
Everything about the way that the chamomile smells to how it keeps my skin clean has me hooked!

Rachel – Facial Cleansing Gel

This shampoo is great and my
kids love the way that it smells.
It’s gentle and doesn’t leave their
skin irritated like other brands
we have tried.

Connor – Baby Shampoo

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Chamomile and Achillea Shower Gel

Chamomile and Achillea Shower Gel

Pomegranate and Polygonum Body Scrub

Pomegranate and
Polygonum Body Scrub

Pomegranate and
Polygonum Hand Cream

Pomegranate and Polygonum Body Lotion

Pomegranate and
Polygonum Body Lotion


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