The Plants An Organic Power
Moraz uses 15 plants native to Israel in its products, the most notable among them being polygonum. The plants are grown organically, without the use of poisonous sprays, under the watchful professional eye of company staff. Moraz’s polygonum fields spread from the Galilee in the north, through the breathtaking Jezreel Valley to the spectacular expanses of the Negev Desert. The unique climate and soil of Israel makes this region ideal for growing herbal plants which are grown at their best, with optimal biochemical properties. Moraz specializes in a unique plant prolific in the Galilee: Polygonum, a plant in the buckwheat family more commonly known as knotgrass or knotweed, contains natural anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial compounds that have been found to repair tissue and promote the healing of wounds. Most of the company`s products feature this ingredient. Polygonum is found in other countries and cultures, but the strain grown in Israel is known to have higher healing properties than other strains around the world due to the climate, atmosphere, and minerals in the Galilean soil.
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