The Legend

According to the legend, there once lived a young girl in the Jezreel Valley who loved climbing trees, playing with animals and walking barefoot through the fields. As you can imagine, a girl like this would return home each day smiling and happy, but also a little bruised, with her feet scratched by the thorns and brambles that she encountered. During her wanderings, the girl discovered a beautiful wild meadow where she loved to play, and - wonder of wonders - her wounds healed unaided.
Her father, who saw the miracle with his own eyes, went with his daughter to where she played and discovered a field of wild polygonum. Happily for us all, her father was none other than Eliyahu Yahel, the renowned researcher of herbs - the very same Eliyahu who revealed the properties of the polygonum plant and founded Moraz. Today, while that young girl is already a grown woman, millions of people all over the world are benefiting from the wonderful healing properties of polygonum, thanks to the small girl and her perceptive father.

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