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Inula helenium  
Inula helenium
Belongs to the Compositae family. Found throughout Europe. Active Substances Sesyuiterpene, Triterpenoid Sterols, Bitter Pectin, Resin, Prineipets. Qualities Sedative, Stimulating Expectorant Antitussin, Antnelminitic, Diaphosettic, Stomachic, Bactericidad, Antifungal, Antiparasitic, Relaxant, Warming, Tonic, Alterative, Diuretic, Antioxidant. Uses Treatment of the respiratory system and mucous; serves as bowel antiparasite; treats worms, herpes and scabies; acts as an antiinflammatory and reduces blood pressure. It is found in formulas for strengthening the immune system of the ill and elderly.
Contraindications – Pregnant and Nursing Women
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