Nature is the mother-land of all beginnings. From the dawn of history, mankind has learned their environment and the wondrous therapeutic properties of plants arising from the earth. Like rich wine that has a distinct taste of aroma stemming from the region`s natural surroundings, so are Moraz`s medical plants that grow in the northern climate and the rich mineral soil of the Galilee.

From the day of its establishment, Moraz has devoted itself to develop and produce skin care and paramedical cosmetic products based on active materials that are extracted from medical herbs in traditional unique extraction techniques as well as other gentle minerals. Moraz, an Israeli company, brings its global clients the natural healing power of medical plants that arise from the earth itself, packed inside products specially designed for body care, from head to toe. It is known that the organism of the human body is an inextricable part of nature, and therefore it responds better to ingredients found in their natural habitat. The spiritual and calming effect of the Galilean air through its soil has been cultivated into the Moraz self-grown herbal plants. Their extracts work gradually on the body and according to the body`s abilities to surpass the change and reach optimization of skin condition. The meaning is beautiful and healthy skin for the entire family.

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