I would like to thank you for a wonderful product. I suffer from extreme dryness on my hands during the cold season and I`ve tried numerous hand creams that had no effect. After my sister`s recommendation I tried Moraz`s hand cream. Just a week later, the skin of my hands was restored and so its natural moisture. Thank you for a wonderful product
I.B18 Oct, 2011
My son used to come back every week from the kindergarten with lice, every week- a new treatment. Following a recommendation of a friend, I began shampooing his head with Kincare. Since then, the lice don`t come back.
I`ve been using Moraz products since they first came out on the market. Skin Saver for damaged skin has been in my house since the company`s establishment. The product is very efficient, as it heals and sooths wounded skin. In the past I`ve also used Redskin, anti chafe cream and your shampoo. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your products. Thank you.
Moraz Baby Diaper Cream is great, so is Nose Ease (I use it for my baby girl as well as for myself)".
"I purchased your baby shampoo and I`m very satisfied! I also began using it as a shampoo for myself and since then my hair is manageable and looks great. Thank you!"
You HAIR Line is simply fabulous. I use Moraz natural shampoo for dry hair on a regular basis, it has a gentle and natural scent and my hair has become stronger and more beautiful.
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