Gel Skin Saver
Rescuing Gel for Damaged Skin

A unique multi-purpose formula for the treatment of both superficial and complex skin abrasions.
Active Ingredients Artemisia Vulgaris, Polygonum Extract, Salvia officinalis, Myrtus Communis.
How to Use Apply to damaged skin as needed until an improvement is noticed. Suitable for treating cold fissures, damage with an inflammation, bites/stings, rough skin irritations, rashes, up to second-degree burns, open wounds. For soothing Atopic Dermatitis (skin asthma) and acute diaper rash.
Intended for Use by all spectrums of the population.
Advantages Clinically supported in treating second-degree burns (used at Rambam and Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospitals). Updated clinical research significant results show efficiency in the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis. Commonly used by veterinarians in treating animal burns and following surgery. Approved by the Israel Diabetes Association.
Comments Provides optimal treatment for an extensive range of skin irritations. A must in every home`s first-aid kit.

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